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Using skin rejuvenation machines for a youthful look

If you are looking for non surgical methods of getting a face lift then skin rejuvenation machines are a good option. These work by using energy waves to create heat in the deeper layers of your skin known as the dermis. In turn it helps stimulate the production of collagen one of the most common proteins in your body which creates suppleness and firmness in your skin.

As you start to age the skin starts to produce less collagen which results in wrinkles and the skin begins to sag. Skin laxity usually begins around the age 40 and this is the time when the quality of the collagen production begins to decline.

Radio frequency therapy has been used for the past few decades to fight the signs of aging. Heat waves are delivered to the deeper layer of the skin and maintaining a temperature of 46 degree centigrade for 3 minutes can result in your body releasing heat shock proteins. This in turn stimulates the production of collagen.


The benefits of using skin rejuvenation machines

The skin rejuvenation machine by Beauty Technology can help tighten your skin and get rid of wrinkles around your mouth and your eyes. How ever it can also help fight against Sun damage. A long exposure to the ultraviolet rays causes the collagen fibers in the skin to break down and degenerate. Research has proved that 3 months of radio frequency treatment can improve the signs of Sun damage.

If the extra layers of fat around your face are making you feel bad about yourself you can rest assured that you can contour your face with the help of these machines. Around 5 to 8 sessions of the therapy can help improve the shape and get rid of any sagging skin especially in the chin and the neck area. Some people even try to contour their cheeks and add a little lift to their smile.

It is a non invasive and non surgical method of slimming down your face. It can help breakdown fat in the lower face area of individuals and after about 5 weeks of therapy 90% of the individuals noticed A reduction in the fat and were satisfied with results. There is absolutely no down time for the recovery and all you are going to see is a mild redness of few hours after the procedure has been performed.

Although it is a completely safe procedure when perform by a certified doctor or dermatologist but if it is performed incorrectly it might lead to dire consequences. Although it is common to experience a bit of temporary swelling, redness and tingling in the treated area but improper handling can also lead to the skin burning and peeling off.

It is important that you visit a renowned dermatologist in order to help you understand the best course of treatment. Make sure that you carry out research and only approach a doctor who has been certified by the FDA and has the proper experience in administering anti aging treatments.